Once back home from a trip, be it near or far, we talk for days about how good that dish was, how strange that combination of flavors was, how different the gastronomic customs of other countries are from ours, both in positive than negative, because we know, we can say everything we want about our country, but as we eat in Italy, we don’t eat anywhere .

The goodness of the sandwich with Tuscan lampredotto – Florentine street food

Then we traced this 2015 journey with our mind and we realized that in every part of Europe and Italy where we have been, we have a happy memory linked to food. The photo of a dish, the business card of a restaurant, a name hastily marked on the agenda or photographed directly from the menu in order to discover, once back, what ingredients made the dish so good or what we actually ate (situation that we presented ourselves several times in our last trip to Germany, but we’ll talk about it later!).

Stracciatella and lavender ice cream, walking through the streets of Grasse, France.

The maultaschensuppe, eaten in a small restaurant in Esslingen, Germany. I opened the phone gallery and gathered the photos that remind us of our journey into the world of food ; whether they are first, second, desserts or even drinks, like real tea lovers.
Reflecting those 5 second we concluded that, at least for us, there will never be a journey without making discoveries in the gastronomic field : going to a new country and not tasting any local specialties means not having been there but above all not having that extra happy memory to bring at home.

The Brussels waffle, accompanied by a hot tea, in the beautiful Brugge.

Tuscan crostini in a restaurant in Montepulciano.
You’re talking to greeders, it’s true . When we travel, we spend more on eating than on everything else. Maybe we should have opened a blog related to food, who knows! 😛

The fact is that we certainly do not miss the whims; and with the excuse of ” so I dispose of with all this walking !”, we let in a minimum of 5 meals a day quietly.