5 Places To See In Australia If You’re a Beach Lover

The comfort that a beach provides cannot be matched with. Yes, malls are great, the parks are entertaining, the restaurants have scrumptious food. But the beaches have the serenity that give your mind a closure you did not think you needed in the first place. Beaches of Australia are quite popular and since the country has the blue sea on all its sides, you will not find a beach that does not suit your terms or cannot be termed magnificent in its beauty. People plan their tours of the country with the beaches on their list as a must.


This may not be the city you have known to be in the country of Australia, but you can check the map for it sure is. It is not that popular as there are lesser tourists found on the streets of the city and even fewer attractions that might interest the travelers. But the beach here is known to be a gateway to the great barrier reef. Its crystal blue water carry waves that leave the shore wanting more.

Byron bay

From the outskirts of New South Wales, you will discover the shining attraction of the Byron bay that remains to be popular and captivating. It offers great tidal waves that carry you on your surfboard to the majestic heights surfers wish to achieve on their water tours. You may find the beach quiet or filled up with crowds with a raft going through the waters.


Everyone has heard of Sydney beachside accommodation, the most popular attraction from the country. But people do not know how many beaches it has and the different explorations you might find at every beach. Moreover, being a popular tourist destination, it has luxuries situated at beaches and facilities that might am up your tours with style.


Tasmania is not much approachable due to the national reserves secured by the government. But the city holds much beauty in its attire that is bound to help you with your travel trip. It has white beaches that may not be found in many parts of the world. You can even travel around a boat on the coast where the animals might wave you hi.


Yamba is the most popular transition of a town from a lonely city into a site for tour and escape for people all around. This town used to be a fishing arena back in the time but now has turned into a coastal town that carries magnificent beaches left to explore whales and fishes as you travel through the blue waves under the lit sky. It will not fail your idea of great beaches.